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Khadka's Coding Lounge is a Freelance Agency in the beautiful country of Nepal. We can make applications for any industry or individuals but some of the industries we specialize in are pet, beauty & health, and retail, private/freelance medical practitioners like dentists, clinics, and nurses.

What do we make?

WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress websites using Elementor Pro. You can have your design on sites like Figma, or you have your eyes on some websites which you want your website to look like, or you want a unique product from the best designers, We can do them all for you at an affordable price.

Flutter/Flutter Flow Applications

If you want a powerful custom-made website then we can create cross-platform apps for you with Flutter or FlutterFlow.

AppSheet Application

Do you have data on excel sheets? Would you like a powerful application for efficient management? Think no further, we can create mobile applications with your data like shift management, logs, and more with AppSheet.

Google Apps Script Automation & Add Ons

Want to give your spreadsheet superpowers? Maybe you want to automate/filter/send emails to your clients? Do you want to convert file formats automatically? All of these and more at an affordable cost.

Contact Us

Just send us an email at We can negotiate the details on zoom.