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Services I Offer

I offer the following services.

Automate your Google Products


Want to give your spreadsheet superpowers? Maybe you want to automate/filter/send emails to your clients? Do you want to convert file formats automatically? All of these and more..

I can script your sheets, drive, forms, and docs to automate the daily tasks you perform that'll help you stay productive.

Build REST API With Sheets

REST API I'll write code that'll set up your google sheets as a backend to be used in your system. The REST API I'll build can be used to communicate with your front end or you can sell them in RapiApi.

Google Workspace Addon

Google Add On Fiverr Template Light

I can also build add-ons that'll work with Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, and Forms. You can either publish them or use them internally in your company.

Code Review and Updates


If you already have working scripts that need to be debugged, updated, trimmed, and such please contact me.

Contact Me

Just send me an email at me@nibeshkhadka.com.