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Nibesh Khadka

I am a software developer and content creator from Nepal. I have had the privilege to get my IT engineering degree from Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland. I started coding in 2015. During these past 5 years, I have been fascinated by emerging technologies, and I have a habit that always saying u must learn them. Hence, without any choice, I have learned many programming languages. I am not an expert in any of them but I can safely say that I have a very good understanding of programming fundamentals.

I moved back to my country Nepal in 2021. There's nothing more precious than to spend your life with your loved ones. I have a dream(don't worry it's not what you're thinking), to start a 100% remotely operating freelancing agency. For now, its name is Khadka's Coding Lounge.

Khadka's Coding Lounge

Khadka's Coding Lounge is a freelancing agency founded by Nibesh Khadka, in January 2022. This company will have one horizontal and one vertical niche. We will make websites(WordPress/Wix) and/or mobile apps(flutter), and Google Workspace Add-ons.


So, what are you doing here in HashNode, you asked?

HashNode is one of the best platforms out there to help & nurture developers. I genuinely believe that you should wholeheartedly give everything you have/can before you start to gain anything. Hence, HashNode is one of the places where we'll write and share our knowledge and experiences.

YouTube Channel

Continuing on the previous section, we are also currently recording our first course that'll be available on YouTube. Please subscribe to the email notification to be notified first.


Currently, the company is in the infant phase. We're being very careful about where this will go, and who to hire/outsource. We don't have open jobs or open applications portal right now but, if you're a designer, from Nepal email us your resume & motivation letter at